Aventurine Green Metallic (II)

German/Reference name: Aventuringrün Met
Paint code: M6T
Models and Years:
718 Cayman:2020,2021
718 Boxster:2020,2021

Aventurine Green is a new Porsche color, available for the new 992 generation 911. Some of you may know that Porsche actually had a color that went by the name of Aventurine Green Metallic on the 993 generation 911 in the mid 90s. That color, called Aventura Green Metallic on Porsche’s Paint to Sample menu, is not the same as this color. The new Aventurine Green is often said to have more “green” in it, while not being too far off of (a greener) Agate Grey Metallic. The new Aventurine Green marks the return of a warm, not too bright, metallic Green option for the 911- something that Porsche has not officially offered for several years.

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